Two Minutes with Tom Geiger

Tom plays the role of Zacky Price.

Why did you audition for Big Fish?

People in the business really love this show. When I was researching the show I loved the message, it talks about a lot of things that aren’t usually covered in movies, musicals, and plays – I was intrigued and I was interested in understanding the story a bit better.

What moments of the show resonate with you?

There is a song at the end that Chris Monaco who plays Edward Bloom sings. He sings about looking back at his life and seeing all the great things that he experienced in life. How it might not have been perfect, his life, but it was what it was. You kind of have to revel in those things – in those moments. It can be hard to really live in the moment when you get caught up in things and live as you will, to take in your surroundings as you can. We’re always looking forward or looking back. This song talks about what it feels like to come to an end of the journey. And the song resonates in so many ways whether it be all your life, part of your life or a relationship in your life.

What is it about the show that audiences will enjoy?

Big Fish hits on all aspects of theatre. It has the great show-stopping numbers. There’s a circus part of the show, there’s all kinds of weird, eccentric and quirky things like the giant, a werewolf, there’s all kinds of weird things like that – but it’s still a down to earth plot line between a father and a son. There’s a lot of intimate scenes between the father and the son, the father and his wife, and it deals with a lot of tough subjects. So I think, just all around it’s a wonderful show and there are so many things to love about it.

Tell us about your overall experience with the show.

It’s always tough because there are so many things going on in the summer. You have stuff going on during the day and at night with rehearsals. Throughout the last month, I haven’t been called to rehearsals every night. Now at this stage of the show with rehearsals every night, I’m really excited about the experience and ready to make a lot of great memories.

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