A Minute with Big Fish Cast Member Molly McCarthy

Role in show: Little Lamb/ Fantasy Ensemble

Why did you audition for the show? 
I’ve done Mainstage for the past two summers so I knew I wanted to be involved again. BIG FISH was not a show that I, or much of the cast, had heard of before. Despite it being new we all were excited to get to know a new show!

Molly McCarthy during ensemble number in BIG FISH

Now that you’ve spent just about two months working on the show, what stands out to you about the experience?

This show has a lot of heart, it usually has the whole cast in tears by the end. I think that it is a show that will speak to many audience members.

Is there a particular moment or moments in the show that resonate with you? 

There is a moment towards the end of the show when the entire cast is together onstage and it is a really powerful moment.  The main character, Edward is speaking to all of his friends, speaking about how great his life has been because of the people he has met. The moment challenges you to think of how the people in your life can change your life for the better.

What is it about this show that audience members will find appealing, even if they’ve never heard of the show or know little about it? 
I think that BIG FISH has something for everyone. There are show stopping dance numbers, beautiful music moments, incredible special effects, and touching scenes. This is also a great opportunity for Summer Stage audiences to experience a piece of theatre that has never been done on our stage.

Left to Right: Michaela Henry, Sarah DeNight and Molly McCarthy as “The Alabama Lambs”

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