A Minute with Cast Member Jake Muldoon

Role in show: Ensemble 

Why did you audition for the show? I have done Mainstage the past few summers and I wanted to be apart of it again, but I also wanted to do BIG FISH because I never really heard of the show before and wanted to learn about the story!

Gina Prince and Jake Muldoon in the wedding scene

Now that you’ve spent over a month working on the show, what stands out to you about the experience?  During this process, it’s shown me how much of an emotional connection I’ve made to this show. It’s important to connect to the piece you’re working on and this story is something I feel as if anyone can find a connection to. 

Jake in the USO number

Is there a particular moment or moments in the show that resonate with you? I think when Sandra sings ‘I Don’t Need A Roof’ to Edward, the words that she sings during this song have so much meaning and I think it’s a perfect representation of this show because this show has so much meaning in it. 

Jake, front row, third from right

What is it about this show that audience members will find appealing, even if they’ve never heard of the show or know little about it? It’s a fun and heartwarming show that everyone would enjoy with lots of energy, but it also showcases a story about relationships that everyone should see!

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